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Printing Tips:

Open the script in a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat, and choose Print from the menu.

To make sure page numbers are visible, select a "Fit to Page" or "Shrink to Fit" option.

To save paper, try printing double-sided.

Digital Devices and E-Readers:

This PDF format is accessible on many devices, such as Android smartphones, tablets or Kindles. Depending on your device, you may need to download an app to be able to view the script.

Practice Audio Tracks (mp3 Format)

Clicking on a link will play the song in your web browser.

How to Download?

To save a song to your computer, you may need to right-click and choose "save link as..." or "save target as..."


To save a song to a digital device such as a smartphone or tablet, you can long-click (press and hold) and choose "download link". The downloaded tracks should appear in your device's media player.

Act 1 songs mp3 format

1 The Wooden Puppets   words / karaoke

2 This Empty Heart   words / karaoke

3 Somebody to Love   words / karaoke

4 A Magic Spell   words / karaoke

5 A Real, Live Boy   words / karaoke

6 At the Piazza   words / karaoke

7 On We Go   words / karaoke

8 Listen To Me   words / karaoke

9 Wonderful Guy   words / karaoke

10 Just Because   words / karaoke

11 Welcome to The Show   words / karaoke

12 Razzamatazz   words / karaoke

13 Jolly Marionettes   words / karaoke

14 Ragtime Gal   words / karaoke

15 Stray Katt Strutt   words / karaoke

16 No Strings Attached   words / karaoke

Act 2 songs mp3 format

17 Bravo, Stromboli   words / karaoke

18 What I Know   words / karaoke

19 Just a Little While   words / karaoke

20 Be There For You   words / karaoke

21 Wise to LIsten   words / karaoke

22 Thieves   words / karaoke

23 Pleasure Island Welcomes You   words / karaoke

24 Adventure   words / karaoke

25 Disappointment   words / karaoke

26 Remembering   words / karaoke

27 Change This Boy   words / karaoke

28 It’s a Wonderful Day   words / karaoke

Practice Songs Audio Player

html5 mp3 player